5 Steps to Maximizing Talents and Minimizing Problems

I know a college professor who once said to me “teaching would be great except for all the students.” Do you sometimes feel that way about your employees? “My business would be great except for having to deal with all these employees!” Creating a team that works well together, is effective, and supports each other [...]

Want to Retain Your Employees? Don’t Do These Five Things.

Are you frustrated and fed up with employees who up and leave just when you get them trained? Most employers I talk to face the same challenge and are puzzling over how to change this dynamic in their business. After all—you NEED your employees to achieve your dream of a successful business—right? So, why do [...]

How to Create the Change You Want to See in Your Life and Your Business

I know a person who wanted to lose some weight. So, she started making gradual changes to her eating routine. She stopped getting chips with her sandwich at lunch. She started taking some of her food home from restaurants rather than eating it all in one sitting. She started walking a couple of miles several [...]

Do you have a holiday hangover?

Do you have a holiday hangover? No...not the kind caused by too much drinking (although that may be there too!). I mean the kind where you are exhausted from all the doing and having and cleaning and expectations, and now you need to get back to work--addressing all the things and tasks and people that [...]

How to know when employee behaviors need to be addressed

As much as you love your team and want them to succeed, there are times when things can get out of whack. There are times when one or another of them starts acting in a way that begins to disrupt the team. The old adage that “People are hired for their talents and fired for [...]

Is your company the COOL place to work (or, how to build community at work)?

There is a company in my community that is THE place to work. Why? They have created a sense of community among their workforce. It is the kind of community that helps people feel like they belong to a cool, fun group, so people want to be a part of it. […]

How Leaders Cultivate Trust

Trust—A firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. What is the trust level within your organization? Can you rank it on the scale of 1 – 10 (10 is an extremely high level of trust)? I recently met with a wonderful person and was talking to him about an [...]

How to Avoid Meeting Hell

Why do we have meetings anyway? Some companies have meetings just to have meetings. And others never meet. What is the right way to go? Well, if you don’t have any meetings, you aren’t able to take advantage of the knowledge and talent your team members have. You also probably have a lot of wasted [...]

Employee Engagement Made Simple

No one wants to go to work every day, do a boring job, and then go home. And do it again next day. And the next day. And the next. Just no. Why does that sound so awful? Because we all have more to offer than just doing a repetitive job day after day. [...]

The Importance of Leadership Training

Are you uncomfortable supervising employees? Are the things that drive you crazy overwhelming? According to Forbes, 58% of managers said they didn’t receive any management training. Most managers in the workforce were promoted because they were good at what they did, and not necessarily good at making the people around them better. Often the result [...]