Leadership and Negative Thinking–How to Turn that $h*t Around

You’ve heard that saying—it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it? This is literally true. Do you ever find yourself feeling super stressed, and you just KNOW that anything that can go wrong will? Do small comments get to you and make you wonder when you will ever do anything right? [...]

Consider how you view your role as a leader

Does being a leader take confidence? Does it require courage? Or feeling like you absolutely know what you are doing? Yes, yes, and yes. Does it require a huge ego? No. I recently worked with the leader of an organization whose mental model of leadership was that he is the king of his organization, and [...]

As a Leader, are you ‘Better Than Average’?

We have all spent time with that colleague who, despite all feedback to the otherwise, believes he is extraordinary. He should be getting the biggest raise—a bonus even!—for the amazing impact he brings to the company. He’s the one who best understands how to fix any problem or successfully take on any challenge. Who do [...]

Questions are an Important Tool for Leaders

A client of mine was shocked. He had recently received feedback that his direct reports felt like he ‘yelled’ at them, or ‘scolded’ them. “I don’t yell at my team”, he said. “And I really don’t scold them. They ask questions, and I tell them what they need to do. Simple as that!” I asked [...]

Adding Mission, Vision and Values After the Fact: When is Too Late?

In a recent conversation with a client, he somewhat ashamedly admitted his business does not have stated mission, values or vision. He was frustrated by this, but couldn’t really figure out how to go back and start at the beginning when he already has eight employees. After all—how would he be able to express his [...]

People Problems Got You Down?

I recently worked with a client who was incredibly frustrated with his business. He founded the company, and it has grown to nine employees. He loves the solution the company provides to its customers, but he finds himself not wanting to go to work each day. He is stressed, and his blood pressure is through [...]

Who are your ‘Loving Critics’?

Do you have ‘loving critics’ in your life? Loving critics are people who love you, and also who are not afraid to tell you the truth about what they see in you, how you come across to others, and maybe even what you could do to improve. We all need people like this in our [...]

Understand yourself and be a better leader

There is the leader who says she is great with relationships and has no problem getting along with anybody. The reality is that it is clear to anyone around her that she is constantly rubbing people the wrong way. There is the leader who thinks he is strong and decisive, when the reality is he [...]

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Trust is based on positive communication. Here’s how.

Successful companies, large and small, work to instill a culture of trust among their team. They know that it is very difficult to succeed when people do not trust each other because that results in things like gossip, backstabbing, undermining, politics, and, sadly—high turnover. Trust takes a long time to build, and how you communicate [...]

Are Your a Lone Ranger Leader?

Are you a Lone Ranger? I once worked for a person who liked to keep everything to himself. He only shared information when he was asked directly about something. Otherwise, he mostly kept to himself. What was the impact on staff? We didn’t know what was going on strategically, so we had no way to [...]

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