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Up your leadership game, today

Assess Your Leadership Style | $175

  • DiSC Assessment
    This research-based assessment is a method of identifying predictable actions and personality traits within human behavior.
  • Leadership Pattern Identification
    We all learn patterns of dealing with people and situations as we grow and develop throughout our lives. This assessment reviews key life events and explore how they impact your current interaction patterns.
  • 360 Degree Review
    Learn how you are perceived by the people you work with at all levels—both inside and outside the organization.
  • Summary Report
    You will receive a comprehensive report summarizing information gathered through all three assessments.PLUS(Cost of assessment is included for those continuing on to participate in 8 week Leadership Workshop)
Assess your leadership

Strengthen Your Leadership Mojo | $495

Includes all sessions from Your Leadership Style Assessment above PLUS:

Session 1: Your Mental Model of Leadership

Session 2: Values—Yours and Your Team’s

Session 3: Vision—What are you Trying to Do and How Will You Get There?

Session 4: Communication—Learn What Works

Session 5: Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Session 6: Handling Difficult Behaviors/Staff

Session 7: Influence—How to Positively Influence Others

Session 8: Putting It All Together

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