People Problems Got You Down?

I recently worked with a client who was incredibly frustrated with his business. He founded the company, and it has grown to nine employees. He loves the solution the company provides to its customers, but he finds himself not wanting to go to work each day. He is stressed, and his blood pressure is through [...]

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Trust is based on positive communication. Here’s how.

Successful companies, large and small, work to instill a culture of trust among their team. They know that it is very difficult to succeed when people do not trust each other because that results in things like gossip, backstabbing, undermining, politics, and, sadly—high turnover. Trust takes a long time to build, and how you communicate [...]

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Are Your a Lone Ranger Leader?

Are you a Lone Ranger? I once worked for a person who liked to keep everything to himself. He only shared information when he was asked directly about something. Otherwise, he mostly kept to himself. What was the impact on staff? We didn’t know what was going on strategically, so we had no way to [...]

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Civility and Kindness Count

I constantly marvel at how poorly people treat their family members. These people, our spouses and our children, who we vow to cherish and who are our own flesh and blood, are sometimes treated worse than anyone else on the planet.  I guess in many cases, there is truth to the saying “Familiarity Breeds Contempt”. [...]

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I once worked for a person who would never shut up. Really. We used to joke about it—he literally never ended a sentence. He would just keep it going by finishing one thought, then saying “…so…” and then he would keep talking. Our leadership team meetings were a monologue. We just sat there, he would [...]

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