Testimonial Claire

Mary is a fantastic listener. She identifies challenges and solutions quickly and is committed to helping people make progress.

— Claire

Testimonial Katy

Mary has a depth of understanding and knowledge that combined, produce helpful and on-point inputs. She is also skilled in seeing below the surface of what individuals are experiencing, and supporting them more completely as a result.

— Katy

Testimonial Tina

Mary was instrumental to work with because we have several new supervisors who now, thanks to her hands-on training, have been provided with knowledge and methods to interact more effectively with their staff.  It was self-reflective for them to see how their management style can impact the team.

— Tina, HR Director

Testimonial Cassye

I would go to Mary when I need the absolute truth and to be held accountable to do hard things. She’s the best!

— Cassye