Yellow Wagon Philosophy

About Yellow Wagon Leadership

We spend a great deal of our lives at work. Not only should it be rewarding financially, it should be fun and personally rewarding. Yet we know that most people dread Monday mornings and a majority of workers report feeling discouraged, disengaged, and frustrated due to work. The stress of work frequently negatively impacts our health, and they are stresses that we take home to our families and friends.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

When we enjoy our work and feel valued and appreciated for what we have to offer and for our expertise, work can be fun, rewarding, and we can feel totally engaged in something that we love to do. When the team we work with runs smoothly, when we trust our co-workers and are trusted in return, our work can be a wonderful experience.

The leadership we experience on a daily basis makes all the difference.

Yellow Wagon Leadership is committed to making work fun and rewarding again through better leadership. Leaders set the tone for the organization. Some people are natural leaders, but we all can profit from training and coaching focused on our leadership skills.

Yellow Wagon’s vision is for every leader to be amazing and inspiring. Our mission is to train every single person in a leadership position to be the very best leader they can be. Join us in making the world of work fun again!

Who We Are:

Mary Atchison, initially trained in systems therapy, has over 25 years of leadership experience the public, private, nonprofit and foundation sectors. She has successfully trained and coached many leaders and seen the positive results in their work groups. Mary is passionate about positive, effective leadership. When not working you can find Mary on the running or biking trails around her home in Fort Collins, CO, cooking and gardening with her husband Larry, or spending time with her children and grandchildren.